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Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow
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Visiting Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow

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St. Basil's Cathedral was also known by its longer title as the Intercession Cathedral of Theotokos in the Moat as well. This is one of the most iconic attractions in Rusia. It was placed at the Red Square, which been easily recognized by its unique bonfire design. It was built in the middle 16th century under the command of Ivan the Terrible (there is popular legend told that he made blind the architect to prevent him to duplicate its beautiful design. St. Basil's Cathedral was known because of its amazing colored domes. It was said that cathedral is actually a union of 9 different styles and crutches and nine different domes, chapels, size, color and form as well.

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Visit Iconic Attraction in Moscow - Saint Basil's Cathedral

Visit Iconic Attraction in Moscow - Saint Basil's Cathedral

1. The Ninth Chapel

1. The Ninth Chapel

There were nine small different capels which been placed with the points of a compass. Four of them were shown their positions between earth and heaven. Those chapels were dedicated to the Protecting Veilor Mary, Saints Kiprian and Utinian, the Entry into Jerusalem and so on. Then the ninth chapel was dedicated to honor Saint Basil.

2. The Indigenous Color of The Cathedral

2. The Indigenous Color of The Cathedral

The indigenous color of the cathedral was known in a white along with the golden domes. In the early 17th century, then the domes and facade were painted in colorful colors as you can see now. It was said that the pigmentation had been taken from the description of Biblical. Even it was considered as the symbol of the heavenly city as well.

3. Inside St. Basil's Cathedral

3. Inside St. Basil's Cathedral

You can start to go to the main entrance. Then you will be going through the door which facing the red square. Anytime you visit, then there is no problem with purchasing the ticket or getting inside the building. During the winter, there is literary no line at all. However, during the summer, it might be pretty hard to get inside. So this is better to get as early as possible as well. Getting inside the Cathedral forming the rasping contrast with the cosmopolitan facade. Inside the building, then you can explore the narrow labyrinth of corridors and very tight oratories.

4. Outside Area St. Basil's Cathedral

4. Outside Area St. Basil's Cathedral

As mentioned before that St. Basil's Cathedral located freely in the south end of the Red Square. Therefore, there is no issue from which direction you choose. It is worth to spend your time and looking around the building as well. Know that this place is the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also a very beautiful scene on the outside. You can pass the St. Basil's Cathedral, then the Red Square will lead you to the Moskva river in the flat slope. It will give you a spectacular view of the colorful building. You should know one thing that St. Basil's Cathedral was built in order to celebrate the victory as mentioned before.

Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?


How To Get Around?

So, St. Basil's Cathedral was placed in one of a well-known area. So getting to that area is not a hard task, plus St. Basil's Cathedral is also one of the most iconic buildings in Moscow.

What Should I Wear?

You might think that it’s church, then you should wear the formal outfit in the mind. However, there is no strict rule about the outfit. You can wear the semi-casual or even a casual outfit as well. You can use any outfit that makes you comfortable such as jeans, skirt, dress, t-shirts and anything else.

Saint Basil's Cathedral Moscow Facts

Best Time to Visit

If you want to visit St. Basil's Cathedral, then there are specific opening schedules, they are from June 1st to August 24th opened from 10 am to 7 pm, August 25th to September 3rd opened from 10 am to 4 pm, September 4th to November 5th opened from 11 am to 6 pm, November 6th to April 30th opened from 11 am to 5 pm, May 1st to May 31st opened from 11 am to 6 pm. The building closes at the first Wednesday for every month of cleaning.


Russian Ruble

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide is very welcome, however, this building was placed in one of the most recognizable areas. So you will be easy to find it. Of course, there are many guides that you can hire so they can give the more detailed explanation for you.

How To Get There?

As mentioned before that this building is located in Red Square as one of the most iconic attractions. So it’s pretty easy to find it and you can find public transportations as well. However, many people might confuse with this Cathedral and Moscow Kremlin, since they are placed next to each other.

Additional Info

There are several cathedral rules that you should note, such as you are not allowed to touch the windows and other exhibit decorations and object, you are allowed to take videos or pictures freely without using tripod or flash but for specific exhibitions then both of videos and photos are prohibited.