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Sempu Island Malang
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Visiting Sempu Island Malang

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The beauty of Sempu Island have been widely known among travellers and beach hunters. It is a small island located not really far away from Sendang Biru Beach Malang. Sempu Island's main charm is Segara Anakan, a mesmerizing lagoon located deep inside the forest. You won't find a single human intervention in the island as well, the place is completely serene it's a perfect destination for those looking for a getaway.

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Admire The Beauty of Sempu Island, The Hidden Paradise of Malang

Admire The Beauty of Sempu Island, The Hidden Paradise of Malang

 Sempu Island's Forest

Sempu Island's Forest

Don't be such in hurry on your way to Segara Anakan. While Segara Anakan is indeed the main charm of Sempu Island, it's better to take your time slowly and take in the serene atmosphere of the forest as much as you can. The virgin forest is a house to many indigineous plants and animals, almost all of them are protected by Indonesian law. You might catch a glimpse of mighty Javan hawk-eagles, white bellied sea eagles, or Javan Lutungs (Trachypithecus auratus).

 Segara Anakan

Segara Anakan

Segara Anakan or also called as Blue Lagoon is a magnet that pull many visitors to visit Pulau Sempu. The natural lagoon was formed billion years ago and surrounded with tall cliffs protecting the lagoon and its surrounding ecosystem from the raging waves of Indian Ocean. The lagoon is a habitat for numerous colorful coral reefs and small fishes, and while it is sourced from the Indian Ocean, the lagoon's surface is calm making it a perfect place for snorkling and swimming. If you're courageous enough, you can try climbing on the reefs and get rewarded with the open view of the ocean with its hurling waves crashing the cliffs beneath you. It's pretty much not recommended though since the clifs consist of sharp pieces that might hurt your feet, it is also quite slippery you might slipped if you are not careful.

Three-Colored Beach

Three-Colored Beach

So you failed to get your permit to enter Sempu Island? Don't fret, you still can go to other amazing beaches near the island. Located 1.3 miles away from Sempu Island, Three-Colored Beach offer its gradiating sea colors as its main charm. The seawater near the shore is transluscent, you can literally see your feet if you dip them in the water. It gradually change color to turqoise in the middle few meters away from the shore. Ten meters away from the coast, the sea color change into a mesmerizing deep blue. The beach is also surrounded with lush green of mangrove trees, as it is a part of Clungup Mangrove Conservation. You can go on a challenging route or have a fun snorkeling time and interact with cute little fishes and take in the beauty of colorful coral reefs inhabiting the sea.

 Gatra Beach

Gatra Beach

Compared to Pulau Sempu and Three-Colored Beach, Gatra Beach is pretty much unheard of. That's quite a pity, or probably a blessing if you're looking for a hidden beach that is not clogged with tourists. Gatra Beach is an enchanting beach with powdery white sand stretches along the coast while the water is crystal clear you can literally see coral reefs below its surface. Gatra Beach is exceptionally beautiful, it is often called as Raja Ampat Beach of East Java.

 Sendiki Beach

Sendiki Beach

Another unsung scenic hidden beach you should visit is Sendiki Beach. It boast clean pearly white sand with a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. It is impossible to swim in the sea, but at least you can take a relaxing sunbath at the beach. Nearby are group of coconut and palm trees, providing shades for those who want to take a refuge from the sun's heat.

 Ungapan Beach

Ungapan Beach

Ungapan Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Malang, those who visit Bajul Mati Beach and Sendang Biru Beach will always include Ungapan Beach in their itinerary. Ungapan Beach is a perfect place for a seaside picnic, especially since you'll find small kiosks along the beach selling snacks and drinks. You can sit down under the shade of trees to protect you from the heat while taking in the spectacular view of the sea. While it is dangerous to swim in the sea, there's a small estuary that is safe for swimming. There's a boat that will takes you for a tour around the estuary as well.

Sempu Island Malang Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You don't need to pay admission fees to enter the Sempu Island, you need a permit instead. You also need to pay for a boat and a guide, for about Rp 100.000,-.

How To Get Around?

To get around Sempu Island, you can ride on a boat then you'll have to hike all the way to the Blue Lagoon. To get to other beaches, you can go there by motorcycles or renting a car.

What Should I Wear?

The trekking route around Sempu Island is very tough and challenging, so be sure you wear a pair of hiking shoes. Don't forget to wear comfortable pants that enable you to move freely.

Sempu Island Malang Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sempu Island is in dry season that spans from May to September. It will be much easier to explore the island during those times, there will be less mud and the paths are not that slippery.



Will I Need a Guide?

You'll be accompanied with a guide before you sail away to Sempu Island.

How To Get There?

You can arrange your departure to Sempu Island with your travel agent. They will help you finding theboat rental including a guide that will accompany you all the way to the island.

Additional Info

Sempu Island is a natural conservation area, meaning that tourists aren't meant to be there. So don't expect to find even the most basic facility. Bring your own snacks but don't forget to bring all the trash back with you.

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