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Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo
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Visiting Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo

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Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo is located on the northern part of Shenzhen, Yantian District. This place is functioned to keep numerous wild animals including those who are rare and almost extinct. Not only is it displaying the animals, the zoo also conducts shows to entertain the tourists. The shows are including the acrobatic attractions by the dolphins, elephants, monkeys, pandas, and many more.

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The Stunning Miniature of the Wild Life in Shenzhen Zoo

The Stunning Miniature of the Wild Life in Shenzhen Zoo

1. The Animal Collections

1. The Animal Collections

Mostly, the animals collected in this zoo are the endemic of Asia. They are including the Asian elephants, red-crowned storks, bears, white tigers, hippopotamus, crocodiles, lemur, and many more. Those animals are caged separately based on the habitats. The similar-type animals are placed in the same area. As an example is if you visit the area of wild animals, you can see the Bengal tigers, lions, wolves, and cheetah. Meanwhile, the monkeys and orangutans are placed in the same area also. Despite the land animals, Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo also has a giant aquarium to support thousand species of fishes and any other water animals. There is a special room for the aquarium in which the visitors can go in and observe them more closely.

2. The Plant Collections

2. The Plant Collections

Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo doesn't only collect the animals. There is also an area for plants that are separated from those for the animals. Although the plant collections are not as popular as the animals, they are also various. This zoo maintains hundred plants from Asian endemic and many of them are under the rare category.

3. The Animal Hybridization

3. The Animal Hybridization

Uniquely, the Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo also presents some animals that were born due to the hybridization of two species. Being cooperated with the institutes, universities, and science organizations, this zoo has been successfully created some new species with normal conditions and stunning appearances. Some of the hybridization results are the China Liger Hill and Tiglon. Both are from the hybridization of a lion and a tiger hill but they have quite different appearances. The China Liger Hill has the tiger body shape but the head is closer to the lion. Meanwhile, Tiglon has the lion's body but the head is more similar to the tiger with hair that is not too long.

4. The Acrobatic Shows

4. The Acrobatic Shows

To entertain the visitors more particularly the children, there are shows conducted every day. Some of the animals participated in the shows are the dolphins, tigers, elephants, lions, monkeys, and pandas. Those animals are trained before to make certain dances and movements. You should not worry since all the animals in this zoo are treated well including them who join the show. They have enough foods and rests as well as the activities are indeed those that they love to do.

Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

The Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo tickets are available on the gate of the zoo. You can just pay for them and then enter the park later. It is possible also to make an order at first mainly if you want to visit the zoo in groups. The price for the regular ticket is RMB 200 or it is about USD 32. Meanwhile, you can only buy the half-price ticket which is not included the marine world for RMB 120 or about USD 17. The zoo also makes available the packet for family for the non-marine area for RMB 1680 or about USD 240. This ticket is for 2 adults and a child.

How To Get Around?

To go around, walking is the most interesting way actually since you can visit the cage one by one to not missing any animal. Since the area is quite large, make sure for not being lost.

What Should I Wear?

The casual outfit is the most recommended here. It is because you need to walk around in a very large area. Sure, you need to feel more comfortable as well as able to move more simply. Things like T-shirts and shorts are a good idea. More than that, there is indeed no any regulation regarding what you must wear.

Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

The zoo is opened from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Particularly during the holiday, Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo is very crowded. It is much better for sure if you can spare your time in the weekdays to avoid the crowds.



Will I Need a Guide?

Actually, the tour guides are not really needed here because there are already written descriptions near the animals' cages. Besides, there are also guides especially provided by the zoo on each cage or area. However, for the group tour, it is okay to hire a tour guide to ease your trip.

How To Get There?

There are many public transportation devices to be used to reach the location of Shenzhen Wild Life Zoo. Some buses that pass through the zoo are buses number 66, 101, 104, 240, 226, and 361. To be more practical some other transportation devices like taxi and online car can also be utilized. Interestingly, some hotels and inns are also available in this area. Some of them are the big ones including Shenzhen Kylin Villa and Guest Hyatt Hotel.

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