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Singapore Zoo
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Visiting Singapore Zoo

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Singapore Zoo

World's Best Rainforest Zoo

World's Best Rainforest Zoo

1. The Animal Preservation

1. The Animal Preservation

The animals in the Singapore Zoo are kept in landscaped and spacious enclosures separated from the tourists by wet and dry moats. The moats are usually concealed by different kinds of vegetation. In some cases, the moats are also dropped below the sight. The Animals that are dangerous and that have the ability to climb are placed in enclosures which are glass-fronted. To enjoy your time in the Singapore Zoo you can hire various rides as well such as trams, pony, horse carriage rides and animals. If you wish you can also hire wheelchairs, strollers and wagons.

2. The Animals Placed in the Zoo

2. The Animals Placed in the Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is home to wonderful species. Some of the animals are simply extraordinary. The Zoo provides you the opportunity to see these animals from the close distance. There are a lot of animals which you can see in the Zoo and some of these animals are as follows.
Siamang. The Siamang is a Gibbon which is black in color, the animal is mostly found in the forests of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Siamang is considered as the largest in the Gibbons family. Its height can be twice as large as a normal Gibbon. It is the only species available in genus Symphalangus. You can view the lifestyle of Siamang in the Singapore Zoo.
Sun Bear. Another wonderful animal which you can witness in the Singapore Zoo is the Sun bear. The sun bear is popular bear species which was originally found in Southeast Asia. The Animal is going extinct due to non-availability of forests. The Singapore Zoo has preserved this animal and today both the young as well as the old can see the habits of this wonderful animal.
Two-Toed Sloth. The Singapore Zoo also offers you the Two-toed sloth. The Sloth is mostly found in South and Central America. It is overall an amazing species with a very unique lifestyle. The two-toed sloth belongs to the Megalonychidae family. You can easily see this sloth from a fair distance in the Singapore Zoo.
Lions. As is the case with every Zoo in the world, The Singapore Zoo also has lions. But unlike other zoos in the word, the Lions are not kept in Glass or cages here, rather they have been provided with a very natural environment. There is no barrier between the visitors and the Lions over here. There is a small wall on which it is written that Beware of Lions. You do not need to cross this wall. The Lions are mostly seen sitting on the large stones. They have been given an environment just like the pride lands.
Sumatran Orangutan. The Sumatran orangutan is the delight of the Singapore Zoo. The species is found in the Island of Sumatra. The Singapore Zoo provides you the opportunity to take a picture with this wonderful animal. Do not worry as the animal is well trained and does not harm the visitors. You can get close to and even touch it as well. Take the picture with ease as there are no chances of any kind of accidents.

3. Some Other Animals that Are Kept in the Singapore Zoo

3. Some Other Animals that Are Kept in the Singapore Zoo

The animals which we have mentioned above are just the tip of an Iceberg. The names of some of the other animals which you can see in the Zoo are Bornean orangutan, raccoon dog, white tiger, African lion, cheetah, patas monkey, red-footed tortoise, panther chameleon, crowned pigeons, wallaby, nubian ibex, red river hog, butterfly, goat, and king cobra.

4. The Singapore Zoo Shows

4. The Singapore Zoo Shows

There are a lot of wonderful shows that are held in the Singapore Zoo. Some of these shows are as follows.
The first show is called the 'Breakfast with an Orangutan '. The show allows you to meet different orangutans that are available in the zoo.
Another show quite famous in the Singapore Zoo is the 'Rainforest Fights Back' show. The show is held in the main amphitheater. The show involves both the actors as well as the animals.
The third show which is quite famous in the Singapore Zoo is the 'Elephants at Work and Play'. As the name indicates the show involved elephants which are made to do different things by the trainer.

Singapore Zoo Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There are two ways through which you can get the tickets of the Singapore Zoo. If you wish you can get the tickets in the traditional way by reaching the zoo and going into the tickets booth. If you want to make the process easier for yourself then in such a case you can also avail the online facility.

How To Get Around?

An entire elephant tour is available in the Singapore Zoo where the animal actually takes you to the full tour of the Zoo. A tram is also available in the zoo which can be availed by you. Pony ride is also very much there.

What Should I Wear?

There are no strict regulations in place as far as dress code is concerned. You can wear anything as per your liking. If there is a chance of rain then in such a case you can take the rain gear as well.

Singapore Zoo Facts

Best Time to Visit

It is better that you arrive at the Singapore Zoo by 8:30 am as this is the time when the weather is much cooler and there are not many people around. Spend at least 5 hours in the Zoo.


Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Will I Need a Guide?

There are many wildlife guided tours which the Singapore Zoo offers to you. The benefit of a guide is that he will tell you everything about the Zoo and the different animals that are available there.

How To Get There?

The easiest and the quickest way to reach the Zoo is to go for a public transport or a bus service. You can also avail the Mandai Khatib Shuttle service. There are many other transportation options available to you as well.