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Sun Moon Lake Taichung
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Visiting Sun Moon Lake Taichung

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The Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan is one of the most visited attractions in the city. The lake is the largest water body in Taiwan which is occupied by the Thao tribe, the aboriginal tribes of the city. The lake has earned its name from its shape. The east side of the lake resembles a sun and the west side resembles that of a moon. The lake stretches over 7.93 sq.km. There are numerous festivals that are conducted at the lake.This includes the Swimming Carnival held during the mid - autumn festival. Other festivals include the fireworks, concerts, and laser shows that changes the environment into an enticing and pleasing sight. Visitors can take the ferry rides offered at the Ita Thao, Shuishe Pier, and Xuanguang Pier. The boat ride takes you through the extensive stretch of the lake.Herein you can glimpse at the Lalu Island, which was once housed by the native tribes back in the 1930's. Now the island is inaccessible for tourist visits. The other attraction includes the Wen Wu Temple that was built due to the rising levels of water. Do not forget to visit the Ita Thao village, wherein you can find restaurants and street foods for satiating your hunger. The place also houses many small souvenir shops that sell accessories and items prepared by the native tribe. Due to its immense popularity, the lake is listed among the top thirteen national scenic areas in Taiwan. Other temples present in the vicinity include the Syuanguang Temple, Jianjing Temple, and the Syuentzang Temple.

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Sun Moon Lake – The Very Picture of Heaven on Earth with its Splendid View and Attractions

Sun Moon Lake – The Very Picture of Heaven on Earth with its Splendid View and Attractions

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

The Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a memorable adventurous element of the trip. The ropeway extends from the sun moon lake station located at the northern part of the lake to the Formosa aboriginal culture village in a mere 6.8 minutes. While on the ropeway visitors can gain the exotic view of the entire lake flowing down.

Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat

Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Boat

This one of the most acclaimed activities to try out on the Sun Moon Lake. The boat rides can be taken daily from 9 am to 5 pm. You can discover the extensive shores of the lake and witness the exotic view of sunsets and twilight which beautifies the surrounding. The tickets are available at the three piers. Visitors can avail for the boat rides in either of three from Shuishe, Ita Thao Pier, or Syuanguang docks. Roam around in boat and sail imbibing the beauty of the world.

Wen Wu Temple

Wen Wu Temple

Built in 1938, the Wen Wu Temple is the oldest remains of the mammoth temple which is a popular attraction in the sun moon lake. Visitors can reach this place by bus which frequently plies to the lake and temple throughout the day. The temples are not just beautiful and known for its extensive history but also renders people a mesmerizing view of the lake from the rooftop.

Ci-en Pagoda

Ci-en Pagoda

On top of the Shabalan Mountain is as tall as 45m tall. Visitors are rendered access to the top of the mountain and hike up to 9 meters high, magnificent pagoda. Trail through the Quinglong Moutain trail after getting off the Xuanguang Pier after the boat ride.

Lalu Island

Lalu Island

Located amidst the lake, the island once was known to separate the island into a crescent moon and a round sun. Though the island is no more populated with humans, visitors can view the fragile and small island through the boat ride.

Ita Thao

Ita Thao

After the extensive ride in a boat around the lake, the aboriginal village of Ita Thao is worth a sight. One is welcomed to the abundance of street food, restaurants, and small souvenir shops wherein they can purchase wonderful accessories, gift items created by the native population.

Sun Moon Lake Taichung Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Tickets for the boat ride in Sun Moon Lake can be purchased from the boat booths outside the three piers. The docks are located at either of Ita Thao, Shuishe, Syuanguang docks.

How To Get Around?

The Sun Moon Lake can get around the place on foot. The surrounding attractions of the lake can be witnessed on the boat, and by foot when visiting the islands and hiking through the mountains. The boat rides will render the visitors enthralling views of the surrounding islands, mountains, and the temples.

What Should I Wear?

Visitors must wear comfortable clothing which doesn’t carry any obscene pictures or is unethical. People are not allowed to wear slippers. While taking the boat ride you must wear safety jackets and helmets.

Sun Moon Lake Taichung Facts

Best Time to Visit

The Sun Moon Lake is open throughout the year. However, the boat rides in the lake for viewing the other marvels surrounding the lake can be availed from morning 9 am to 6 pm. The best time for visiting the lake is in the morning to evening when they can also witness the beatific scenery of sunsets and moon beside the lakes.


New Taiwan Dollar

Will I Need a Guide?

How To Get There?

The easiest route for reaching the Sun Moon Lake from Taichung is through either high-speed rail or through the bus. Buses can be availed from outside the Taichung Train Station costing a $200per person. The bus plies every 10 to 60 minutes between the two places. Bus services can be availed from morning 7.50 am to 7.50 pm. Special passes to the Sun Moon Lake can be purchased from the Taichung HSR Station. Visitors can also reach the place through private taxi or car. However, the cost of transportation may be higher.

Additional Info

Spend your entire day in this beautiful place. Enjoy the view of the sun and the moon at the same time. Make sure spend at least onw whole day at this mesmerising place so that you can witness its really beauty. Taiwan itself is a beauty place and having to see this beautful view is a dream come true.

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