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Vodno Mountain Skopje
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Visiting Vodno Mountain Skopje

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Strategically located 15 minutes away from the center of Skopje, Vodno Mountain is a perfect place to breathe a fresh air and enjoy the great view of the city. Furthermore, there are many things to do at Vodno Mountain that will be an unforgettable experience for those who visit the mountain. Hiking, Cultural Tourism, and Millenium Cross are the things that should not be missed when visiting this mountain.

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Enjoy the Great View of Skopje at Vodno Mountain

Enjoy the Great View of Skopje at Vodno Mountain

1. Millennium Cross

1. Millennium Cross

Visiting the monuments is a must thing to do at Vodno Mountain. The monuments are the most visited attractions and Millennium Cross is the famous one in this mountain. Standing at the Krstovar Peak, this monument can be reached by hiking or using Vodno Mountain Cable Car. Millennium Cross was built in 2002 by Macedonian Orthodox Church in order to commemorate 2000 years since the birth of Christ and and serves as a memorial of two millennia of Christianity in Macedonia and in the world. It is 66 meters high and becomes the most visited location in Skopje region.

2. Hiking

2. Hiking

Hiking becomes a highly attractive leisure activity in this mountain. You will not regret when you reach the top of the mountain. The great view of Skopje, the village of Donje Solne and the Prskalo waterfall are waiting for you. The Krstovar Peak does not only provide great views, but also a cafe that can be visited to grab some foods and drinks while enjoying the views. If you do not have a strength to hike from the base of the mountain, take the bus-line to the Middle Vodno and start to hike the mountain to the Krstovar Peak. This can be one of the best things to do at Vodno Mountain to keep your body healthy.

3. Cultural Tourism

3. Cultural Tourism

three attractions are definitely worth visiting. Churches are the important part of the cultural-historical heritage and they have been there for many years. The older churches and the monastery are very significant since they still kept their authenticity. They haven't been reconstructed but they still survive through the ages. You can find Church of Saint Spa in Dolno Sonje, Church of Saint Mina, Church of Saint Nicholas and Church of Saint Panteleimon in Nerezi. There are only two monasteries that attract most visitors, Saint Panteleimon and Saint Trifun monasteries which is 5 km from Vodno.

4. Hydrographic

4. Hydrographic

Vodno has a heterogeneous hydrographic web: streams, vaults, waterfalls, springs. It has a lot of streams which are used by the shepherds for feeding their goods and for watering the wild chestnuts. The water in Vodno Mountain is safe for living creatures since it is bacteriologically and chemically clean. The Prskalo waterfall is the most impressive destination in this mountain. It is 15 meters high and is more active in spring season when the snow is melting. This waterfall offers a stunning view and many things to at Vodno Mountain.

5. Vegetation

5. Vegetation

In Vodno Mountain, you can also find the decidouos and evergreen plants. Decidious plants are the plants which are tending to fall off, it reference to trees and shrubs that seasonelly shed leaves. The decidious plants in Vodno are wild chestnut, lime tree and oak. Evergreen plants that can be found in this mountain are pine which is stand at the both sides of Vodno, juniperus and boxwoods. Evergreen plant is the plant which has leaves throughout the year no matter what the season is. This plant contrasts with decidious plant and it has a large number in Vodno Mountain.

6. Vodno Mountain Cable Car

6. Vodno Mountain Cable Car

Your visit will be incomplete without trying to ride the cable car. Vodno Mountain's cable car can take you to the top of this mountain, Krstovar Peak and give you a great view of the surrounding area. This car has been operated since 2011 to make visitors have an easy access in reaching the Millennium Cross. The ropeway includes 28 regular gondolas for eight persons and two VIP gondolas for four people. The lift starts at Middle Vodno and ends at the Millennium Cross. The route is 1,750m long and it takes around 6-8 minutes to get there.

Vodno Mountain Skopje Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Car tickets if you want to visit the Millennium Cross. Vodno Mountains's Cable Car tickets are available at the tickets booth. The Vodno Mountains's Cable Car tickets cost for 120 denar for return journey. One way ticket is also available and is usually purchased by bikers since many bikers take the lift up, then cycle back down. Keep in mind that the crredit card machine is not working well, the best thing to do at Vodno Mountain is bringing enough cash for the entire exprerience.

How To Get Around?

The Vodno Mountain's cable car is the best way to get around the area. Besides it takes you to the Millennium Cross, it also offers the view of the city. You can also do hiking as the leisure activity while enjoying the fresh air in this mountain. If you are interesting in the challenging way, you can use bike to get around Vodno Mountain. Be careful when you are getting back from the top of the mountain.

What Should I Wear?

It is highly recommended to wear sport sneakers since you are going to walk around the area.

Vodno Mountain Skopje Facts

Best Time to Visit

The best days to come to Vodno Mountain are from Monday to Friday, when the mountain is quiet and there are not many people present. Then you can feel the beauty to the maximum.


Denar macedonia

Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and everything can be found in this site. Moreover, Vodno Mountain is only 15 minutes away from the city center of Skopje, you can take any means of transportation to take you there and do all things to do at Vodno Mountain on your own.

How To Get There?

Vodno Mountain can be reached by bus since it has its own routes. Go to the International Bus Station within 30 minutes from the center of Skopje City, visit the National Bus Station and ask for Millennium Cross line. The bus for Millennium Cross line is always every 30 minutes between 8:20 to 3:20 in the afternoon everyday. Make sure that you know the schedule then they won't leave you at the bus station. Taxi is also available to the Millennium Cross station and costs about 200 denar.

Additional Info

You are possible to visit the Lake Matka which is 10 km from Vodno Mountain by trail.