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Wat Plai Laem Ko Samui
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Visiting Wat Plai Laem Ko Samui

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Buddhist Temples usually features Siddhartha Gautama statue. However, Wat Plai Laem features different statue with other Buddhist Temples. They put the statue of Guanyin, the “goddess” of compassion and mercy. The statue with Chinese style has 18 arms. Her 18 arms are the seen as an illustration that she can give help and reach out people across the world. Also, Guanyin is believed as a fertility goddess, many people come here to pray for her help in having healthy children. Another statue that catches people's attention is Fat Laughing Chinese Buddha. In Chinese culture, a fat Buddha represents wealth and fortune. This very eye catching statue is 30 meters high and has beautiful colors such as white, red, and gold. The temple has a modern design, though it is modern, the combination between Chinese and Thai traditions are presented here. The temple is designed by the Thai artist, Jarit Phumdoning. Besides the Guanyin as the main statue, there are also Budai white statue and smaller shrines dedicated to Ganesha, Vishnu, Shiva, and Sakka. This temple is completed in 2004.

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Wat Plai Laem is located in the north-east of Samui.

Wat Plai Laem is located in the north-east of Samui.

See the Ubosot

See the Ubosot

Ubosot is tha main prayer room and one of the important parts of a temple. It also used to hold the temple's important ritual. The shape of Ubosot is rectangular where the main entrance is facing the East. Usually the walls are decorated with murals of the Ramakien, the Thai version of the Indian epic Ramayana or of the Jataka, the stories that tell about the previous lives of the Buddha. Since the Ubosot is used to the hold an important ritual, it may not open for public. Ubosot is set up in center of the lake.

Feeding fish in the Lake

Feeding fish in the Lake

Besides you can bring back the fish from this temple, you can feed the abundance fish of this lake. The lake is surrounding the Ubosot and the two giant statues, Guanyin and Budai. Fish or turtles are always released by Thai people into the water. That action is considered as an act of virtue. Feeding the fish can be alternative to release your stress after having heavy days.

Active Temple

Active Temple

As an active, Wat Plai Laem is a popular religious spot in Koh Samui. This place is a good place to gain enlightenment for the Chinese Buddhism beliefs. Many devotees come to this temple every day. The temple displays many statues and murals that are quite different from other temple's art and architecture. The mural's art of this building is telling abut Buddha mythology. Do not miss it if you want to know Buddha's mythology through the paintings on the wall.

Wat Plai Laem Ko Samui Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

There is no entrance charge for Wat Plai Leam Temple. The temple is appreciating the donation that you as the fund to maintain the temple's complex.

How To Get Around?

You can get around the Wat Plai Laem by walking on foot. You can visit the Guanyin and Fat Laughing Buddhist statue. You can do all top things to do in one day.

What Should I Wear?

Since it is a religious place, you may dress respectfully. Although you wear something respectfully, make sure that you are comfortable with that dress. Be sure to wear shirts or something to cover your shoulders, trousers, or long short. Avoid wearing something that is suitable for the beach holiday.

Wat Plai Laem Ko Samui Facts

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Wat Plai Laem every month, but maybe it will be busy during the Chinese New Year since the temple is Chinese-Thai temple.



Will I Need a Guide?

No, transportation is easy and you can find anything on this site.

How To Get There?

If you planning to visit Wat Plai Laem, you can take the main route 4169 up to the Samui's northeast region, then stop at route 4171. The temple is between 4171 between Big Buddha and Choeng Mon Koh Samui. You can use songthaew, the transportation as a bus with seats in the back in the form of converted pick-up. You may also hire a taxi from Koh Samui to get to Wat Plai Laem since this temple is very popular tourist spot. Therefore, taxi is frequently exists here.

Additional Info

Since there is no entrance charge for the temple, you may give a donation. Donations are welcome in this temple. This is a Chinese-Thai temple, it will get busy during Chinese festivals and holidays. The Wat Plai Laem is open daily during sunlight hours.

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