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Wenshu Monastery Chengdu
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Visiting Wenshu Monastery Chengdu

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Wenshu Monastery, also called as Wen Shu Yuan is one of the most beautiful and famous Buddhist temples in the country with millions of visitors each year. Incorporating the finest of architecture, cultural exhibits, statues of Buddha and other godly figures, the Wenshu Monastery is a must-visit attraction if you are in the city. Spread over an area of almost 13.5 acres, the Wenshu Monastery houses more than 190 halls, solemn halls, graceful gardens, numerous rooms, masses of cultural relics, and much more. Embrace the beauty and divinity of the Wenshu Monastery with your family and friends and start your vacation with a healthy and positive approach.

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A Day at the Wenshu Monastery

A Day at the Wenshu Monastery

The Hall of Four Heavenly Kings at the Wenshu Monastery

The Hall of Four Heavenly Kings at the Wenshu Monastery

The Hall of Four Heavenly Kings at the Wenshu Monastery is one of the most important and foremost attractions of the place. It is the most important room in any of the Buddhist temples. The room consists of the main statue of Lord Buddha which is massive in structure and made of stone and bronze. At the back of the statue of Maitreya Buddha, is the statue of Skanda Bodhisattva which faces the Mahavira Hall. Their hands and bodies are in different mudras and they pose differently. There are two more statues in the eastern and the western side of the hall which include Dhṛtarāṣṭra and Virūḍhaka. The Virūḍhaka is usually in green clothes with a sacred mouse in his left hand and umbrella in his right hand. The Dhṛtarāṣṭra wears red clothes with a snake or dragon wrapped around one of his arms.

The Mahavira Hall at the Wenshu Monastery

The Mahavira Hall at the Wenshu Monastery

The Mahavira Hall which is also called as the Main Hall is the main building or hall in the Wenshu Monastery and consists of the enshrining representations, statues, and displays of Gautama Buddha and many other bodhisattvas and buddhas. These halls hold the most importance in the Chinese Buddhist temples anywhere in the world. They are also referred to as the Hall of great strength, the precious hall of the Great Hero, or the Daxiongbao hall, and many more such names which emphasize on the importance of these halls. The Mahavira Hall in the Wenshu Monastery is massive in structure and contains the best one statues of the temples along with relics and frescoes on the walls with many religious and historical paintings and calligraphies.

The Buddhist Texts Library at the Wenshu Monastery

The Buddhist Texts Library at the Wenshu Monastery

The Buddhist Texts Library at the Wenshu Monastery is one of the best and major attractions of the temple which is visited by almost all the visitors who visit the temple. The library is full of texts, scripts, historical notes, scriptures, and much more which represent the culture, history, and tradition of the temple and the city. There are 2 storeys in the building of the library and the place is surrounded with beautiful gardens and offers panoramic views to the people inside. Upper layers of the library are for sutras' storing and the lower layers are called the Thousand Buddha Pavilion. Usually, three types of texts are found in the library of the Wenshu Monastery which is the Agama, Abhidharma, and Vinaya.

Wenshu Monastery Chengdu Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

Tickets are not required for entering the temple. However, the various attractions at the temple may require tickets or prior booking.

How To Get Around?

The temple can be accessed on foot onyl as it does not allow any other kind of transportation within its premises.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear a long kurta along with jeans or pants. You can carry a scarf as well. Do not forget your layers if you visit in winter and sunscreen if you visit in summers.

Wenshu Monastery Chengdu Facts

Best Time to Visit

The temple is open on all days and can be accessed throughout the day. However, the library and other important attraction of the complex of the Wenshu Monastery remains open from 9 am to 6.30 pm only.


Chinese Yen

Will I Need a Guide?

A guide will not be needed as this website will guide you about almost everything and anything about the city, the place and the trip. So, a guide is unnecessary.

How To Get There?

You can rent a regular taxi to reach the place. Bicycles will also be a great option. You can take a trolley or a public bus as well. The local train and metro also work efficiently.

Additional Info

Do not touch the exhibits, paintings, or statues in the temple. Keep your mobile phones on silent mode. Use cameras only if allowed. Do not make noise in the temple or the library. Carry a water bottle. do not carry outside food.

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