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Wulong Karst Chongqing
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Visiting Wulong Karst Chongqing

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wulong karst

Explore The Bautiful Nature In Wulong Karst

Explore The Bautiful Nature In Wulong Karst

1. Three Natural Bridges

1. Three Natural Bridges

Located at the southeast of Wulong County, 20 km from it, Three Natural Bridges are the largest natural bridge groups in Asia. Featured in classic karst landform, the magnificent scenery is full of life, trees grow directly from stone and spring water flows even at the top of the bridges, spilling by drops and shining like pearls. Three Natural Bridges is composed of Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge, which are all natural bridges lying from north to south, crossing over the Yangshuihe Gorge and connecting the mountains at the two sides. There are natural formed pits under the bridges, so the Three Natural Bridges are also called Tiankeng Three Bridges. You need to purchase a Wulong Karst ticket to visit these bridges.

2. Longshuixia Gap

2. Longshuixia Gap

Next thing to do at Wulong Karst is to visit the natural gap. Longshuixia Gap is located in Xian Nu Shan Town and is 15 km from the township. The gap was formed due to the orogeny tens of millions years ago. Longshuixia is actually a gap-style gorge and it's the important part of Wulong Karst landform. The whole gorge is 5 km long and the tour part is about 2 km. The gorge is magnificent and the depth of it is from 200 m to 500 m. Nature has spent thousands of years forming these wonderful landscapes. Primitive forests, waterfalls, springs and gorges, here you can actually feel the Earth is older than a city and more powerful than a rocket. The Wulong Karst ticket is needed to access this gap.

3.  Fairy Mountain

3. Fairy Mountain

Fairy Mountain is located at Xian Nu Shan Town of Wulong County. Fairy Mountain is a national forest park and covers an area of 8910 hectares, with an average altitude of 1900 m, and the highest peak can reach to 2033 m. Fairy Mountain is popular due to its unique alpine steppe scenery. Forest sea, marvelous peaks, alpine meadow and snowfield are the four wonders in Fairy Mountain. In spring, the mountain is covered by fresh greens, and it's a great time to experience the fun of grass skating; in summer, the average temperature is 15℃ lower than Chongqing's, and it's a great place to escape from the heat in the city; in autumn, herds of cows and sheep scattered among the mottled leaves which are blown by the autumn breeze; in winter, Fairy Mountain is all white by covering thick snow, and ski on the mountain is definitely quite an experience. There's a different Wulong Karst ticket needed to access the mountain.

4.  Furong Cave

4. Furong Cave

Furong Cave is a large-scale limestone cave and located next to Furong River in Jiangkou Town of Wulong County, which is about 190 km from Chongqing City center. Formed about 1.2 million years ago, and discovered in 1993, the main cave of Furong Cave is about 2700 m long, and covers an area of 37,000 m2. There are over 70 kinds of karst sediments in the Furong Cave, and it's reputed as a splendid underground art palace and science museum for caves. The most magnificent part of Furong Cave is the 'Splendid Hall', which covers an area of 11,000 m2. Besides that, there are 15 m wide and 21 m high rock waterfall, smooth palm-shape stalagmite, numerous helictite and stone flowers, and the red coral and fang-shape calcite crystal in the cave is very precious and stunning. The various shapes and kinds of the stalactites in the cave have recorded the evolution process of history. There is an entrance fee and you can purchase the Wulong Karst ticket to this site at the ticket booth.

5.  Houping Giant Doline

5. Houping Giant Doline

Houping Giant Doline (Houping Tiankeng) in Wulong Karst National Geology Park is situated at Houping Town, 88 kilometers from Wulong County. It is the first tiankeng cluster type of erosion discovered in the world. A tiankeng refers to a karst doline or sinkhole, measuring at least 100 meters in depth and in diameter. Based on the cause of formation, tiankengs can be divided into two types: collapsed tiankengs and eroded tiankengs. Collapsed tiankengs are common, while eroded tiankengs are quite rare. The Houping Tiankeng cluster is the finest example of an eroded tiankeng. The Houping Giant Doline developed in the soluble limestone of Ordovician Period. It is an integrated karst ecosystem, consisting of gorges, dolines, shafts and underground caves, which demonstrate the various stages of the evolution of karst terrain. If you have time, buy Wulong Karst ticket to enter this place, it is worth it.

Wulong Karst Chongqing Tips and Tricks

How to Get Tickets?

You need a Wulong Karst ticket to explore its areas and it can be purchased on site. From March to October, the tickets cost CNY 135/person and from November to February the tickets cost CNY 95/person. All Wulong Karst tickets include a CNY 40 for travel bus, running among Xian Nu Shan Town Tourist Center, Longshuixia Gap entrance and Three Natural Bridges entrance.

How To Get Around?

There will be travel buses from the entrance that will drive you around the area for your Wulong Karst tour. These buses are running among Xian Nu Town Tourist Center, Longshuixia Gap entrance and Three Natural Bridges entrance. You can find them at the parking lot on each site if you need them. You can also ride a horse or take a small train at Fairy Mountain.

What Should I Wear?

Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes for your Wulong Karst tour. Put on your sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun in the summer.

Wulong Karst Chongqing Facts

Best Time to Visit

Spring, autumn and winter are the best time to do Wulong Karst tour. The weather in spring and autumn is fair and the color in the scenic area is very beautiful. In winter, tourists can appreciate the stunning snow scenery in Fairy Mountain.



Will I Need a Guide?

No. You will not require to take a guide.

How To Get There?

Wulong has no airport and it has only railway station and bus station. For tourists by flight, you need to first arrive Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, then transfer to Wulong. Most tourists will start the journey from Chongqing. Train, bus and private car are optional. Only Chongqing North Railway Station has trains to Wulong and it will take about 2 hours. Besides Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Guilin, Xiamen and Hangzhou also has trains to Wulong Railway Station. You can also take a bus from Chongqing Nanping Sigongli Bus Station to Wulong Bus Station, and the driving is about 2 - 3 hours. Wulong Bus Station has bus lines to all tourist attractions in Wulong.

Additional Info

Wulong is not large and the attractions are rather concentrated. Normally, there are two routes to do Wulong Karst tour according to your schedule time: one day route and two days route. Three Natural Bridges is the must-go attraction. If you have only one day, then besides Three Natural Bridges, you can choose to visit one attraction among Longshuixia Gap, Furong Cave and Fairy Mountain. Longshuixia Gap is just next to Three Natural Bridges, so most tourists will choose these two for their one day tour. If you have two days, then you can visit all of the four attractions.

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