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Colombo, Sri Lanka
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Top Things to Do in Colombo

Discover tours, attractions and activities for your next adventure

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

Located in the inner-part of the city, Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple is a unique blend of culture and architecture. The temple is one hundred and twenty years old. It is the highly popular tourist attraction and a worship place. Gangaramaya Buddist Temple consists of majestic architecture, culture, and statues which exhibit the artistic style of Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Burma, and India. The outer part of the temple is embellished with beautiful designs and gold adornments. The ground floor of this Buddhist temple is tiled in the black slate and comprises of several statues like Buddha, Nymphs, Lion and Chinese Vases. The distinguishing feature of the temple is the 'Treasure-Trove Museum” which has countless statues of Buddha, statues of Hindu gods and deities, ancient watches, antique Dutch coins along with other multitudinous unique collection of art and culture.

National Museum of Colombo

National Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Sri Lanka is the largest museum of the country. Established in the year 1877, the museum holds several antique valuables and ancient historical items including the crown and throne of the Kandyan Monarchs, swords, guns and paraphernalia. It is maintained by its own department of the museum. National Museum of Sri Lanka comprises a Museum Library which has a collection of past one hundred and twenty-nine years. The library exhibits the huge collection of 'Palm Leaf”, books and pamphlets of local and national publications, journals of the Royal Asiatic Society, Bluebooks from Government publication house, law reports, maps, drawings, directories, trade catalogues and statistical year books. The outer section of the National Museum provides the photographs of the museum.

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach is entitled as the 'Golden Mile” of beaches. It is the sea-bathing spot in the city. The beauty of the city is embellished by this beach. The crystal clear water of the sea has catastrophes the sights of Mount Lavinia. The amazing view of sunset blew the minds of the visitors. It allows you to escape from the chaos of life while visiting these mesmerized gifts of nature.

Ashokaramaya Budhhist Temple

Ashokaramaya Budhhist Temple

Located in Kirulapone, Ashokaramaya Buddhist Temple is considered as the most unassuming temple of Colombo. The walls, roof, and passageways describe the life story of Buddha through paintings. The area is covered with the decoration of flowers, animals, dragons, gods and deities and more. The shades of the painting are bright in colors like yellow, deep red, dark green and brown which attracts the sight of the excursionist. There is huge 'Bo Tree” where many statues of Buddha are enshrined. The outer shrine consists of Hindu Gods and deities which have been worshipped by Buddha. The feature for the popularity of Ashokaramaya Budhhist Temple is its museum which holds a unique collection of 'Knick-Knack”. The museum exhibits traditional painting and sculptures along with old typewriters, tea sets, ceramic items, clocks, and much more.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihar

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihar

Located in Kelaniya, Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara is a temple of Buddha. It is an archeological protected monument. The followers of Buddha believe that the Gautam Buddha preached on the throne which is inside the temple. The entrance of the temple has a 'Bo Tree” and a courtyard which features the images of Dagaba, Bo tree, Hose, Budhha and many more

Travelling to Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Ocean city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is one of the largest artificial harbors in the world. The city holds a unique combination of culture and architecture. The magnificent sights of the beaches and the marvelous sunsets leave the viewers with their mouth open. It also offers the adventurous water sports like surfing. Colombo is a hub of historical and ancient structure and religious temples. The place is visited by millions of tourists and waiting for more to come and explore.

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Colombo Travel Tips & Guide

How to Get Tickets?

you can book the tickets from this website to avail best offers and discounts.

How To Get Around?

Traveling within Colombo is quite easy. Tuk-tuk, a three-wheeler tri-shaw, is the most convenient means in the city. You can also hire the self-drive tuk-tuk. But should be alert while driving as Sri Lanka has a record of high road accidents. Kangaroo Cabs and Uber are the great options to choose nowadays. Taxis and buses are good to choose for covering the long distance. You may explore the shorter destination on foot.

What Should I Wear?

Pack clothes of your choice but should be appropriate. You can pack soft, lightweight and delicate fabric. Try to cover yourself a little more while going on roads. Avoid wearing shorts and bold dresses in the religious place. Jeans, trousers, casual buttons down, tees, and jumpsuits are good to opt. You may prefer to wear comfortable shoes and flip-flops as footwear. Layers, pullovers, jackets, and sweat-shirts are required if you are planning to visit in the months of winter. In addition to this, you may carry a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and a sunscreen lotion.

Colombo Tourism Facts

Best Time to Visit

Colombo has a moderate temperature throughout the year. You can visit the city in the months of your choice, apart from heavy monsoon which is in the months from June to September.


Sri Lankan Rupee

Will I Need a Guide?

No. there is no need to take a guide. This website provides with the complete and comprehensive information.

How To Get There?

There are multitudinous means to reach Colombo such as the airplane, train, car, bus, and ferries. Bandaranaike International Airport is well connected across the globe. You can book the tickets for the flight to this airport. Airport taxis are available for further traveling. The bus is considered the most affordable mode of transportation to get into Colombo. It is the main mode of traveling in the country. Ferries and boat services are also offered in Sri Lanka to travel.

Additional Info

Colombo is a safe city. But still can take of your valuables and documents. You can advise to take off your shoes while visiting the temples. Show respect towards religion. No one is not allowed to touch the monk, especially women. Avoid turning your back on the statues of Buddha. Sri Lanka has a unique mixture of culture and tradition. Do not compare the country with others. Public display of affection is culturally offensive and is not socially acceptable. You need to take permission before clicking the snaps. It is not safe and hygienic to drink tap water in Colombo. Sri Lankans do not use cutlery. They eat with the right hand as the left hand is unclean in their culture.